Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Where can I Access Turnitin?

Each and every course home page in WorldClassRoom provides the ability for faculty to easily create a Turnitin assignment. These assignments can be used to gather written assignments and return electronically "marked up" copies to students using a single link. As a part of this process, an "Originality Report" is created for students and their instructor to see a color-coded display of where the text used in the assignment matches text from the internet, publications, and even other papers.

Instructors use the "Turnitin Assignment Content Link" option in WorldClassRoom, available on the Build Tab, to create a Turnitin assignment (see image below).


If you are new to WorldClassRoom, click here to learn more.

Please read the Deterrence by Design page to make sure you are selecting the best settings when you create your Turnitin assignments.

How do I create a Turnitin Assignment?

After locating the "Turnitin Assignment" Content Link, WorldClassRoom will connect with Turnitin and walk you through the steps of setting up your first assignment. There are a variety of special options (under "More Options") that can be used to set the assignment up to maximize the opportunity for your students to learn by giving them opportunities to review the Originality Report and resubmit the paper based on what they've learned from it.

Click here to download the Instructor's Guide to Turnitin (PDF)


How do students make use of Turnitin Assignments?

This guide shows your students how to submit their paper to Turnitin via WorldClassRoom and how to use the Originality Report to identify parts of their paper that may need revision. It has been created as a companion to the guide above to make things easier for faculty and is also available on the "Writing Assistance" page in every WorldClassRoom home page.

Click here to download the Student's Guide to Turnitin (PDF)

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