Adding Your Syllabus to WorldClassRoom

When you log into your course for the first time, you should see a message similar to the one shown below:

Click the Done button to continue to your Course Content page. You may or may not have a couple items on your Course Content page already depending upon your School or College affiliation.

To add your syllabus to your course, click on the Add Content Link button at the middle of the top of the Course Content page window. Then click on the Syllabus option.

Click on the Select File button

The Content Browser will open. Select the My Computer button at the bottom of the left side of this window to navigate to your file.

Click on your file and then click the Open button

You will get a message indicating your file was added to the course

Now, your students will be able to click on this file to download a copy of the syllabus.

Note: If you or your students are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, look for a yellow or gray bar at the top of your browser window the first time you try to download this file:

Click on the message "To help protect your security..." and then click the option to download the file.